27/09, 18:13: ClockWorkMod Recovery can’t mount /data on backup? Quick tip

If you have problem trying to backup your ROM using CWM with snag, like „can’t mount mtdblock5” (-logfile) or just „Can’t mount /data”… try to run Fix Premissions from Rom Manager App. It works quite different than „Fix premissions” from CWM. That helped me.

I also tried updating CWM or disabling ExtROM in HBOOT in my HTC HD2 with no success before above solution.

UrDroid Sensation XL Install how-to + HSPL, MagLDR/cLK, CMR


Posting, because I’ve lost 6 hours to figure out how to flash it… ROM’s topic is quite messed-up – so, noobs like me may have some problems :-)

This tutorial should work for any zip-ROM package prepaired to install from CMR (Recovery).

UrDroid it’s nice Android 2.3.5 ROM for our Leo (HTC HD2) device which I chose from many on XDA Forums, similar to HTC Sensation with HTC Sense 3.5, very stable which not rage people :-). Works very well.. Here’s link to it and this is tutorial how to install it:

Before.. I’m not taking responsibility of bricked devices! RTFM (Read The Fucking Manual) of any flash step. Make backup right now. Battery should be maximum charged in case of any problems (MagLDR doesn’t support charging on turned off device! / You need charging? use cLK loader) – so you should have about 3 hours of non-stress flashing.. after that hours I’ll start to worry ;-)

Update 2012-03-14, 17:00 (UTC+1)

I’ve updated that post, btw Carl wrote tutorial about flashing his rom, you may find it in rom’s topic.