24/02, 22:39: PulseEffects on Debian Bullseye with working equalizer

There’s no lsp-plugins available right now in repositories. It’s mandatory to work at least for equalizer.

Finally after many hours of configuration tries or other packages I tried to compile from source.

sudo apt install php libgcc-s1 lv2-dev libgl-dev ladspa-sdk libsndfile1-dev libjack-dev
git clone https://github.com/sadko4u/lsp-plugins.git
cd lsp-plugins
make clean          # make sure it returns OK
sudo make install

Reboot. Might appear in syslog:

Feb 24 22:07:14 WOLOLO-YOLO gst-plugin-scan[2051]: g_param_spec_int: assertion 'default_value >= minimum && default_value <= maximum' failed
Feb 24 22:07:14 WOLOLO-YOLO gst-plugin-scan[2051]: validate_pspec_to_install: assertion 'G_IS_PARAM_SPEC (pspec)' failed

but it works now ;). Without additional pulseaudio-equalizer package or adding modules load in pulse/default.pa file.