HW NAT on TP-Link WDR4300 and OpenWrt


Not really hardware NAT support, but something similar with customized OpenWrt build and last year kernel changes: look at the openwrt-sfe-flowoffload project which I fully recommend and already checked out, that my WDR4300 on Atheros AR9344 is able to handle over 500MBits between WAN and LAN without unsafe/ugly official TP-Link’s firmware.

In next days I gonna try to flash modified pepe2k u-boot or one of other overclocked images… risky for me, because I’m weak in debricking… yayx.

If you’re thinking about jumping over 300MBps NATing with TP-Link N750 WDR4300 (or WDR3600) with OpenWrt, choose one (or two): 1. checkout that custom OpenWrt build; 2. Overclock your device with custom U-Boot (risky); 3. Go back to TP-Link’s official firmware…

Keywords: TP-Link OpenWrt Download Speed, Hardware NAT, HWNAT, FastPath, FastForward, Flow Offload…

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