Hiren’s, Parted Magic, VirtualBox freestyle…


Little freestyle, for posterity…

Updating PartedMagic on Hiren’s 15.2 Restored

  1. Download PartedMagic ISO (in my case: 2013_08_01 version)… btw, new version requires paid subscription, fuck you author.
  2. Remove <H>\HBCD\Boot\pmagic\pmodules\PMAGIC_2013_08_01.SQFS file from Hiren’s pendrive/ISO.
  3. Open or mount PartedMagic ISO you just downloaded, I’ve used WinRAR.
  4. Extract content of <PM>/pmagic/* to <H>\HBCD\Boot\pmagic\.
  5. Extract content of <PM>/boot/* to <H>\HBCD\Boot\pmagic130801\ or name your directory w/ever You want.
  6. Open <H>\isolinux\linux.cfg and duplicate old PartedMagic section, I’ve created in my case:
LABEL pmon
MENU LABEL ^Parted Magic Linux (With options / 130801)
CONFIG /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/syslinux/syslinux.cfg
Linux based rescue and system admininistration tools.
Clonzila, Ghost4Linux, Gparted, and more...
  1. Now open <H>\HBCD\Boot\pmagic130801\syslinux\syslinux.cfg and update all paths to proper and add directory property in APPEND sections, My changes:
DEFAULT menu.c32
F1 /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/syslinux/F1.txt
F2 /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/syslinux/F2.txt
LINUX /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/bzImage
INITRD /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/initrd.img
APPEND edd=on vga=normal vmalloc=384MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot
LABEL reboot
Restart the computer.
COM32 /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/syslinux/reboot.c32
LABEL ipxe.lkrn
MENU LABEL ^C. IPXE Network Boot
For computers lacking built-in PXE support, enables network booting. 
Also, extends existing PXE implementations via additional protocols.
LINUX /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/ipxe/ipxe.krn
MENU LABEL ^D. Plop Boot Manager
Plop Boot Manager by Elmar Hanlhofer. The Plop Boot Manager is a small program
to boot different operating systems. The boot manager has a builtin ide cdrom
and usb driver to access those hardware without the help/need of a bios.
LINUX /HBCD/Boot/pmagic130801/plpbt/plpbt.bin

etc., logic as fuck, isn’t it? :-)

If you using CD/DVD you may need to edit files from <H>\HBCD\*.lst – not in my case so I’m not sure right now.

Now save all changes and go test it.

Black screen on PartedMagic? Display problems?

Probably PartedMagic starting with wrong screen resolution or display output where wrong chosed (it happens on my Lenovo Z710 notebook, you may connect external display to check that).

Solution? When you just chosed you option to boot in Grub menu press TAB key and change in command line „vga=normal” to „nomodeset”. Should help.

Permament fix?

Open pmagic.cfg/syslinux.cfg and modify line:

APPEND edd=on vga=normal vmalloc=384MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot


APPEND edd=on nomodeset vmalloc=384MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot

Or in older version case:

APPEND /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/bzImage initrd=/HBCD/Boot/pmagic/initrd.img edd=off load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 rw vga=normal loglevel=9 max_loop=256 vmalloc=256MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot


APPEND /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/bzImage initrd=/HBCD/Boot/pmagic/initrd.img edd=off load_ramdisk=1 prompt_ramdisk=0 rw nomodeset loglevel=9 max_loop=256 vmalloc=256MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot

Cannot find PMAGIC_…SQFS file?

If you probably moved PMAGIC_2013_08_01.SQFS (etc.) file to other location, than default /boot/pmagic/ you probably need to add to Grub Menu list option:


Full line to show it better (today’s our updating process):

LABEL normal32
MENU LABEL ^1. Default settings 32 (Runs from RAM)
Default mode intended for 1GB+ based systems.
* Version: 2013_08_01, (C) 2013, Patrick Verner
* Disclaimer: Author excluded from any liability.
LINUX /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/bzImage
INITRD /HBCD/Boot/pmagic/initrd.img
APPEND edd=on vga=normal vmalloc=384MiB directory=/HBCD/Boot

Bonus: How to boot from USB Pendrive in VirtualBox?

  1. Download Plop Boot Manager, extract archive.
  2. Create new Virtual Machine, may be without drive.
  3. Open settings -> Storage  -> Right Click on Controller and choose „Add CD/DVD device”, click „Choose disk”… find „plpbt.iso” from our extracted archive.
  4. Start machine… use Menu and connect you USB drive. From booted Plop manager you may choose USB device… should work ;)

If you want to test our modified Hiren’s Pendrive… In my case booting PartedMagic was terrifing slow… so may not be helpful.

Hiren’s as System Recovery in Lenovo Z710? Nope… nope now.

Just tried to figure it now… :>, I’ve just:

  1. Backed up PBR_DRV partition to image by CloneDisk
  2. Removed „diag” flag and changed partition size to ~10GB with PartedMagic
  3. Copied my Hiren’s Pendrive to it.
  4. Started Mini Windows 7, used „syslinux -f -d isolinux E:”
  5. Booted again PartedMagic and restored back „diag” flag on partition
  6. Started notebook with „OneShit” key…

Right now: Boot error.

Probably Windows7 loader is used to boot diag partition,… I thing that, because before it’s performed I need to auth in TrueCrypt from Windows partition… ;). So right now I’m leaving my concept, cuz probably I’d to change loader… due encryption it’s little imposible now. Sadly.

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