SpeedFan freeze with ITE ATAPI 8212


Post po angielsku, bo problem jest na tyle światowy, że warto by inny potrafili to przeczytać ;-) (tak, pewnie masę błędów popełniłem, cóż… biedne tylko B1). So…

Update 2012-05-15: I’ve found solution how to use SpeedFan: Use /NOSMARTSCAN /NOSCSISCAN switches on application start. You won’t be able to read SMART’s from drives, but SpeedFan won’t freeze on startup.

After I migrated to Windows Vista around half year ago I’ve discovered, that I could not use SpeedFan any more, because it freezing at startup and it freeze system almost fully – can’t reboot system, must use reset button. SpeedFan wasn’t so important application for me at that time so I just ignored that issue (maybe it will own-solve in future or with new releases?)… until yesterday.

I’ve upgraded Vista to Seven since last week, also updated ITE drivers from to (Upgrade helper told me to do that :-P), but I haven’t check did SpeedFan’s problem disappear. My PC started to randomly restarting at last time, so I thought to check temperatures etc. So I grab SpeedFan and… it stills freezing. Fuck, another problem to solve.

Read rest only if you have:

  • Windows Vista/7 or newer
  • ITE RAID 8212 controller (or other, onboard/card) with old drivers and shitty support
  • Problem with application like: SpeedFan, HWMonitor, PC Wizard (sensor section) etc. – when you trying access sensors in your PC
  • But no problems with apps like RivaTuner or CPU-Z (when system is not freezed)
  • I have also Asus P5GDC Deluxe motherboard, but I think it’s not so important.