HTC Sense freezes on SMS from future


I had quite annoying bug on my HTC HD2 Sense interface for last hour which almost forced me up to make hard resetting. We just changed our Poland time from summer to winter type – just took 1 hour back yesterday night on our clocks. I did that manually on my Windows Mobile phone, my gf probably not on her own device… She texted me on 0:12 o’clock – her message came to me like sent on 1:12, so it looks like the message was from future. Also my written answer shown above her messages.. then my HD2 started to lags. Very annoying lags.

Restart of phone didn’t help. Also HTC Sense stopped working or it’s tried to load long minutes.. found little solution on internet: turn off HTC Sense in Today settings, unchecking it’s element.. quite strange – it not helped me. Tried to run phone without SIM or SDCard (i made little changes on music albums covers day ago) – it also didn’t help. So i decided to wait that fucking hour on disabled mobile…

HTC Sense not downloading facebook pictures


If relogin not gives any positive result, delete and re-set avatar of contact , hard reset of mobile phone or anything else try… turn off https in security settings on facebook account – helps me! That fucking solution took me 4 hours to find it.. arg. Strange, becouse I didn’t change anything on facebook since last pictures downlaoding (before hard reset) and then it works. Fucking magic.

A teraz po polsku. Musiałem dzisiaj strzelić sobie hardreset na moim HTC HD2, pierwsza godzina stracona na konfigurację itd. Co ciekawe, wcześniej nie mogłem wybierać numerów serwisowych przez dialler HTC (np *110*65*1# – sprawdzanie pakietu internetowego w orange), a po hardresecie nagle zaczęło działać – cuda, bo po kupnie telefonu to działało, po hardresecie (bo telefon używany) przestało działać no i znowu działa. Windows Mobile totalnie spontaniczny.