HTC Sense freezes on SMS from future


I had quite annoying bug on my HTC HD2 Sense interface for last hour which almost forced me up to make hard resetting. We just changed our Poland time from summer to winter type – just took 1 hour back yesterday night on our clocks. I did that manually on my Windows Mobile phone, my gf probably not on her own device… She texted me on 0:12 o’clock – her message came to me like sent on 1:12, so it looks like the message was from future. Also my written answer shown above her messages.. then my HD2 started to lags. Very annoying lags.

Restart of phone didn’t help. Also HTC Sense stopped working or it’s tried to load long minutes.. found little solution on internet: turn off HTC Sense in Today settings, unchecking it’s element.. quite strange – it not helped me. Tried to run phone without SIM or SDCard (i made little changes on music albums covers day ago) – it also didn’t help. So i decided to wait that fucking hour on disabled mobile…

At 1:20. Booted up. Crap.. still lagging… So i decided to turn off Sense again, little other tries and system just freezes. First time tried red button under battery cover. Resetting.. Booting.. no Sense and.., it looks like anything is alright – great! After that i just checked HTC Sense element in Today settings to show and it’s.. started to work proper. So it was magic future hour sms effect? I think so..

2011-10-31 9:51 Update

Same situation like at night. After little research i figured out that problem affects to whole Windows system. Have no idea how to fix this, also didn’t found any solutions on net.. need to wait like hours ago :-|

Anyway it’s bad to write about it on net, anyone may now exploit me and stop for hour or more.. ;-) Please don’t do it..

2011-10-31 11:38 Update

Damn.. finished with hard reset. Maybe that was filesystem problem… hate restoring settings..

Krócej w polskiej wersji językowej: Zmienialiśmy czas z letniego na zimowy wczoraj. Moja druga połówka widocznie tego nie uczyniła na swoim telefonie, przez co dostałem od niej sms datowany na „za godzinę”. Telefon nagle zaczął przycinać, a moja odpowiedź wylądowała powyżej jej wiadomości. Restart nie pomagał, próby wyłączenia HTC Sense też nie skutkowały.. w końcu przeczekałem godzinę i potem jakoś to się ułożyło, że wszystko zaczęło działać ;-)

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