SpeedFan freeze with ITE ATAPI 8212


Post po angielsku, bo problem jest na tyle światowy, że warto by inny potrafili to przeczytać ;-) (tak, pewnie masę błędów popełniłem, cóż… biedne tylko B1). So…

Update 2012-05-15: I’ve found solution how to use SpeedFan: Use /NOSMARTSCAN /NOSCSISCAN switches on application start. You won’t be able to read SMART’s from drives, but SpeedFan won’t freeze on startup.

After I migrated to Windows Vista around half year ago I’ve discovered, that I could not use SpeedFan any more, because it freezing at startup and it freeze system almost fully – can’t reboot system, must use reset button. SpeedFan wasn’t so important application for me at that time so I just ignored that issue (maybe it will own-solve in future or with new releases?)… until yesterday.

I’ve upgraded Vista to Seven since last week, also updated ITE drivers from to (Upgrade helper told me to do that :-P), but I haven’t check did SpeedFan’s problem disappear. My PC started to randomly restarting at last time, so I thought to check temperatures etc. So I grab SpeedFan and… it stills freezing. Fuck, another problem to solve.

Read rest only if you have:

  • Windows Vista/7 or newer
  • ITE RAID 8212 controller (or other, onboard/card) with old drivers and shitty support
  • Problem with application like: SpeedFan, HWMonitor, PC Wizard (sensor section) etc. – when you trying access sensors in your PC
  • But no problems with apps like RivaTuner or CPU-Z (when system is not freezed)
  • I have also Asus P5GDC Deluxe motherboard, but I think it’s not so important.

So at the beginning I’ve disabled Kaspersky Protection and Self-defense. Didn’t help.

Turned on ASUS AI Booster in BIOS… didn’t help either.

Later I’ve found that someone increased CPU’s Voltage and it’s help… I didn’t tried that… but obviously… it won’t help, that person also know that now :-P

Next I’ve downloaded PC Wizard and ran it to test does it will freeze too. Yeap, it freeze… but at loading I’ve remarked that it freeze on scanning Storage Controllers. At same time I couldn’t access one of my drives connected to ITE 8212 RAID Controller. Maybe I should turn it off? So I did that and… SpeedFan and rest started to work! Yeahhh!!!! But that is not a fully solution – I need to use drives connected to that controller.

I remembered, that the Alter UniaATA drivers work with my ITE controller. So why to not uninstall shitty ITE drivers and replace it with UATA? I tried… Couldn’t install drivers with “Can’t find specified file” error… So I restored official ITE drives and replaced iteraid.sys in \windows\system32\drivers\ with uata.sys file – by changing name, lol! After restart it works! Yupi!!

But… I read on UATA site, that hibernation still not works with that driver. KURWA!! I am using hibernation every day. So… still no solution.

Next I tried to update ITE BIOS… no result, can’t use BIOS from PCI Cards to Onboard chip. (Anyway, my BIOS version is: ATAPI:; RAID: Trying… trying on that UATA drivers… at all I’ve back to ITE drivers. Reading mobo manual… thinking…

Finally I’ve found a solution: Entered BIOS, advanced, onboard devices and changed ITE 8212 status from Standard IDE (ATAPI) to RAID. I haven’t created arrays with drives connected, booted normally Windows, entered to Computer window… there’re my drives – great! Started SpeedFan… laggy laggy.. WORKING! Last test: Hibernation… Working too! Woooohoooo… (anyway, it sometimes work, sometimes not… :| )


  • SpeedFan and rest working (sometimes)
  • Still can hibernate


  • Computer starting 3 seconds longer, lol

I’m happy, how about you?

Fuck… not happy any more: before I publish this post… it started to freeze again. KURWA KURWA KURWA! So still no solution… need to wait for UATA hibernation :-( Will try to solve it in future.

Solution on top.

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